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Saltmine is a blockchain infrastructure company which realizes revenue from any consensus model. By using all components of our hardware (GPU, CPU, HDD, NIC) to support multiple blockchain technologies (such as Crypto Currency Transactions, Decentralized Cloud Storage, and Bandwidth Sharing), and utilizing proprietary virtualization technology Saltmine truly redefines “Mining”. This highly targeted optimization creates a path for Saltmine to be a leader in current blockchain infrastructure as well as a dominant player in forthcoming decentralized technologies such as Distributed Rendering, Machine Learning, and global enterprise data services.

Revenue generated from consensus will be made available to NACL token holders via the Saltmine smart contact, giving the NACL token the ability to have a base value.

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Why we are different

Saltmine has operated with a positive revenue stream since its inception in January 2018, this allows us to have a provable price to earning ratio. With a very competitive power rate and a token model never seen before, Saltmine is positioned to be a global leader in blockchain infrastructures. 100% of the funds raised during the ICO go directly to increasing production.

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2018 Roadmap

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    Q1-Q3 2018

    Mining Facility Buildout


    Start profitable by building out a blockchain infrastructure facility using datacenter management techniques.

  • Coding

    Q4 2018

    Token Development


    Create the NACL token on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be the base currency for Saltmine activities.

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    Q4 2018


    SEC compliant launch of the Saltmine ICO for accredited investors who have passed KYC.

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    Q2 2019

    Public ICO

    Open the Saltmine ICO to the public. This will allow anyone to support and invest in blockchain technologies.

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Our Team

Who is behind Saltmine

Douglous Saltman

Douglas Saltsman

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Hunter

Shawn Hunter

Chief Operation Officer

John Chain

John Chain

Chief Technology Officer

Kristopher Larson

Kristopher Larson

Director of IT

Michael Saltsman

Michael Saltsman

Technology Advisor

Nash Foster

Nash E. Foster


Vincent Romney

Vincent Romney


The Saltmine team has decades of experience in cryptography, internet startups, and distributed systems.


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